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journey (furthering studies) | part I
Thursday, 26 May 2016 • 09:53 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & Hi.
Well, where have i been these past few months? I don't know myself. You can tell how long i haven't updated.My last post was written last year and that was before i finished sitting for the last paper of SPM! And now, i have gotten my spm result & literally all of the results I've been waiting for  . I'll tell you practically everything that I have gone through to further my education. It's like part I of the journey.

I can tell you must be wondering ....what have I gotten myself for SPM? How much As? How much Bs? And all the alphabets lol.

*drum rolls*

  I only managed to get 6As from 10As. Im sorry but i couldn't dive deeper into my result, Im only able to tell you just that. Well, it's better than nothing at all right?

With my result, I didn't get matriks offer but instead I got a place in form 6 science stream. I did went to register for form 6 in SMK Mahmud Mahyidin, in case I didn't get any offer for UPU, but I've heard enough about how hard it is to struggle in science stream, unless you're smart enough & could cope well with stressful situations. Sadly, I am none in that category. So I decided to change stream. I used to be so sure on staying but then my mind kind of saying no. After proper conversations with my parents, and considering me wanted to be a lawyer, i filled up the changing stream form as I need to take History to pursue Law. The result will be out probably after 2 weeks from today,

So, for UPU result, unfortunately, I didn't get an offer from any universities. How worst life can be? I've been waiting for UPU result to be out for months just to get NOTHING. Well, i was at the verge of giving up, but receiving lots of encouragements from friends & teachers, i stayed strong. Getting back to the story me in form 6. People might judge me for not getting the offer to study in an university & just stuck in form 6. people think that form 6 is 'NAH LOW CLASS'. That it is only for slow learners but frankly speaking, YOU'RE COMPLETELY WRONG. STPM is like one of the hardest exam in Asia, is that where the slow learners belonged to? It's all mentality of the people, no matter how hard you explain to them, they will not budged, they will keep ignorantly assuming shit about STPM.

Today, 26 of May 2016, Rayuan for UPU is open and once again, luck isn't on my side, I couldn't go for 'UA Rayuan' since I have been offered a place in Politeknik for Diploma Seni Bina a.k.a Architecture. Im not an expert about politeknik, I basically know nothing about it. But what I've heard from people, it's a place where the standard is 'far lower than a university' . I told about this to my father, he has yet to decide whether to let me go or no. Well, the course offered is quite good, I used to dream about indulging myself in that profession but both my mind & heart says " you'd better be a lawyer, you've always wanted to be one, there is no denying" so.....what would I do? Plus, to be an architect isn't that easy. From my research, It's a challenging field, physical and mental strength are required. So basically it's tough like yes, Im aware everything is hard and mostly depends on your effort but I don't think risking yourself in something you have doubts to go on is a great idea at all.

For now, Im in Form 6, currently waiting for my last lifeboat, which is IPG result. Perhaps it will sink, perhaps it won't. Im praying for the latter. Im not going to put my hope too high for that though. Im just hoping for the best.

Another thing in my mind, should I just stay in the form 6 & finished all the semester? then further my studies in law? I think that it is still a great platform to be a lawyer.

I had a difficult time just to further my studies.I had crashed my parents hope and I swear that's the worst thing ever. It takes a lot of effort to remain calm & positive,also to face all of the nonsense judgements  from people.

Despite everything that happened, I believe there are reasons, I believe in Allah, what he has put me in, he might have better plans for me. I have no doubts.

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