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Hey. Elida here.I'm suck at writing but I shall give it a try.Deep apologies if there is any grammatical errors.Anyway enjoy your stay at my blog.



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Goodbye, friend.
Thursday, 17 October 2013 • 03:58 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum, earthlings! so, today entry is about my  best friend, Azimah who is gonna moving to Melaka tomorrow(friday). It just makes me beyond sad. We were too close that saying goodbye seems to be hard for me. We can't no longer meeting each other as often as usual after this ,since melaka way too far from kelantan. I had met her today and yeah it makes me even more sad. I will miss her soo soo bad.

I can't believe, i feel like it only yesterday we just met. I know her for three years and alot of memories we had made .. bad as well as sweet memories. I'll never forget that.. However, this goodbye doesn't mean forever nor the end, if god wills we will meet again .. InsyaAllah (: 

To azimah, take care of ur health and good luck in whatever u do as well as in ur study.. keep pursuing ur dream and never give up! 


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