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Pray For MH370 Boeing 777
Saturday, 15 March 2014 • 01:42 • 0 comments
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Saturday, isn't really a day off for me for i have to wake up early and do my typical job, cleaning the school's textbook room.

On my way to school, I found the haze also engulf Kelantan. Even breathing has become a tough job with the horrible haze(even not as horrible as in selangor). I can't see anything in the thick haze but Alhamdulillah, rain falling down then.

Oh no, just realised I've been ranting so much. Let's get to the point. So It's been 8 days since MH370 dissappeared. It didn't yet show up after all of the efforts.There aren't any conclusions yet been made so we supposed not to lose hope and I hope Malaysia's Government didn't stop the mision at finding the aircraft. I am pretty sure that we will found the aircraft later or sooner if god wills.

Can't even imagine how horrifying it must have been for all of the passengers onboard. Yet people keep wondering and making false assumptions on what happened to the aircraft. Instead of doing all sorts of stuff lets just unite as a nation and constantly praying for the aicraft to return home safely.I can't imagine the pain of everyone who has any family member on the plane need to go thru a day reading up on the speculations and false assumptions about the aircraft.It could even be the parent of a child who is hoping day and night that they will be able to see their loved ones. Each false assumption give them a negative hope.

Miracles do happen. Don't stop praying.Always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that God wouldn’t put you through something you can’t deal with. I would love to help, with anything i could but I'm not capable to do things about it now,but to pray for them.

p/s;To all of the people out there, just don't believe or listen to anything you hear about the aircraft unless it is officially comes from reliable sources.

Dear MH370, please return. We are missing you so much. We are waiting for you to come home.


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