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Monday, 10 November 2014 • 19:20 • 1 comments

Hi and Assalamualaikum. How am I gonna get started with this post. Oh ok let's just get to the point, I won't going to talk much. I'm currently in an exam weeks, just because i have two days off (( which i don't know the reason why school's off these two days )), I decided on publishing a post about the exam from day one. I have like 4 subjects more to go and it is Biology, Chemistry, Addmath and ICT. Well, that subjects are going to be the death of me. I'll never be good at these 4 subjects and it bothers me, seriously because i am not a kid with intelligent brain. I basically good at nothing, really.

So the exam kicked off with B.Melayu. Oh my god BM is my biggest weakness (as well as English) . I am so weak at essay. The time when i have to face the essay part i felt like ripping the papers apart and run away. I don't think I could do it but i made it through anyway. I have no idea how I did  manage writing the whole essay!

Day 2, was English. This scared me to death too. And it is also because of the essay. I tell you i really can't do essay, I am so lack in creativity and I just can't go beyond something, It was hard, I ran out of ideas so easily. Continuous writing is one dipshit because everything is up to me, they don't give important points like they did on directed writing, what they only give was 5 titles of essay which I should choose either one. I stumbled. I even take so much time on deciding. After the two paragraph i felt like crying and screaming my heart out because i ran out of ideas and think I can't continue with it. I still managed to finish it tho, hahaha.

Day 3, History papers! Paper 1 was okay bc it's ABC sort of questions which i can ' tembak' if i don't know the answer. And it is not the same when it comes to paper 2. Paper 2 got this kind of essay questions and KBAT which i always fucked up at. It's crazy how you have to remember all of the shits in the textbook only to write the essays like hell no, my brain ain't got enough space fo dat!

Day 4, Physics. Im not going to talk on this because I fuckin hate this freakin subject. Even chapter one is hard as fuck.

Day 5, P. Islam. This subject has to do with a lot of memorizing. I got distracted the day before the papers so I didn't make enough preparation for it, to be frank, I screwed this up too.

Day 6, which is yesterday, was Mathematics. My least fav subject. I am so not good at solving math problems. I am one suck ass at calculation and numbers or whatsoever related to maths, yes. They provide a little too less time on each Paper 1 and 2. There was not enough time like I did ' tembak ' 90% on both papers.

Day 7 of exam and so on will be started this Thursday. If im not lazy enough i'll make an effort and update about it on the next post. Until then, bye! Assalamualaikum.


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Good bi... haha

11 November 2014 at 05:53  

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