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Hey. Elida here.I'm suck at writing but I shall give it a try.Deep apologies if there is any grammatical errors.Anyway enjoy your stay at my blog.



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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 • 00:49 • 0 comments
so sad that im not even bill gates

Hi, so my exam is finally over. And i am relieved as hell! It's a good thing that the pressure has finally gone away but the bad thing is my grades. I fucked up every subjects and im frustrated to the max. I feel like jumping off the cliff like right now. I failed Addmath. Shame on me. I didn't achieved mediocre or average results this time but i can say that it's even worst. I didn't score A even in BI. Not to mention Physics, Chemistry and Bio as i got all of it below 50% hm. that's so sad and pathetic. I screwed up paper 2 the most.

I think i deserved what i got for this exam since i didn't give much efforts for it so that's why. Plus, no enthuasiasm. yes. I sleep like most of the time. But Alhamdulillah I still got A's for PAI and ICT. Well maybe it's not that a lot but still, am grateful for whatever i got. BI and BM frustrated me quite alot because the only thing i am major at is only languages and i can't even score A for both subjects. Yes, that's pretty frustating. For Math and Science subjects, i don't think that i could ever score A. I will try tho, even it's nearly impossible for someone like me ( im so stupid ugh ).

Also, there's quite a lot KBAT sorts of question, as you know that i am not capable of thinking outside the box and goes beyond that or whatsoever. It just, i can't. The only thing i can do is memorizing. I hate myself for that.

I have to end writing here. I need to heal myself with............. food. yes, food! I should stop thinking about my final exam result and move on. I still have time tho.

* I don't update the thing i said in the last post bc i am lazy as fck. Im sorry.


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