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Hey. Elida here.I'm suck at writing but I shall give it a try.Deep apologies if there is any grammatical errors.Anyway enjoy your stay at my blog.



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Thursday, 9 April 2015 • 19:51 • 0 comments

Hi. Haven't written on here for quite a long time. Anyone miss me? no? okay. Yes? I love you.
So, the last time i wrote was last year and i definitely missing this blog but find no times to get myself updated. And, I haven't turned on my laptop for like an ages now, i left it rotting on the table, untouched.

Im seventeen now, im growing up, so does everyone. It's funny how time flies so fast, leaving you gaping in awe with the fact that you're getting older each passing days. It sounds unreal, but it's real. I can't believe that im actually seventeen.Like Im in the last year of high school? do you believe it? I don't, I really am dont, at all. Someone pls slap me in the face i might be dreaming. To be honest it feels like im only seven yesterday but today i wake up with the age of seventeen. It's just....................unbelievable.

The older you get, the more obstacles you have to face ahead. I should've been more mature by my age, by now but it doesn't seem like it is haha. Im still that little silly awkward kid you used to know, rlly. I might changed to a better person or instead but trust me im struggling to be good. Im trying my best.

But, this year, 2015, doesn't go well with me. Everything kind of changing 360 degree for me. I turned out locking myself up in my room for most of the day like i even distancing myself from the rest of the family, oh how i love to be alone. Well, i guess majority of teenagers nowadays are facing the same thing.

 On the other hand, my best friend who used to stick with me all the time, is not my best friend anymore. We had a fight at the end of last year, and when the school reopened, we still didn't talk like about one and a half months. But after that, we successfully put an end to it as it gives us no good. We talk, we laugh but nothing is the same. Everything changed. And i don't care. But still, everything changed a lot for me.

My grades are getting worst, I sometimes got distracted with the internet and books.Mostly internet. Like i have no idea how i could stop my addiction towards it. My father gave me a phone this year, i mean not my dad but my sister, a hand-down phone, a used one. My father didn't go that easy with me using a phone at this age, but he eventually approved as long as i don't get myself controlled by the gadget itself. But i ended up getting distracted even worse haha. I think that that's one of the reasons why my recent grades are having a great downfall.

As you all know, im sitting for a big, important exam this year that will decide what career suits me best and where it would lead. It's already April but my brain is completely nothing, basically 0%. Im nervous, scared as well. I hope i don't crashed my parents hope, i hope i could lived up to their expectations, i love them and definitely will do everything that makes them happy. I need to struggle this time, there's no time left for me to play around and all. InsyaAllah i'll try to make both my mama and ayah happy. I hope they cry happy tears when i received the result. Ya Allah pls make it happens, Ameen.

Well i need to stop writing. Guess this post sounds a little too emotional but yeah, Im sorry. Gotta go, bye :)


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