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Monday, 30 November 2015 • 17:18 • 0 comments

Hi. It has been a year already and I am almost finished with SPM. It surreal, how time flies so fast. It feels like it just only yesterday I complained about homework and such. And this Monday, my school years will finally officially over. The thought of it does give me a pang of sadness, how 11 years I was at school, laughing over sick jokes with friends and all that. I’m surely going to miss every single detail of my school memories.

I’m getting older now, so as you know im ageing… not that ageing like an old woman here but still, I will be one anyway. How it scared me to death, life will going to be tougher than ever. Yes, school is done and it’s college coming up next. It won’t going to feel as good as how It felt to be at school, surrounded by loving and funny teachers and friends that 24/7 sticking with me like a freakin glue ( we will go separate ways in a way or another soon, well to pursue our dreams not that we all want it though). For me, I don’t want to turn back time but instead to freeze it so I could live the moment forever.

Frankly, my school years weren’t the best, It wasn’t all good, funny and happy. You might be wondering then why in the world am I sad? Well that’s a tough question. After all, there is still good in bad. I learned a lot from everything, from everyone. That makes me thankful for every test Allah put me in, he wants me to learn.

I am currently in a jumble of emotions, I feel happy that I will not have to face homework after this but the sadness surpassed. Homework is nothing compared to the assignment when you’re in college. You will at least get a punishment from the teacher if you did not manage to finish it. But when it comes to not finishing your assignment, it’s like you are burning your whole future. That’s it. I need my school years back. I still want to wear school uniform and be a school kid again.

Can I just not get older? Again, the thought of leaving the school suffocate me. Now that I have regretted myself for saying I hate school  everytime I have to deal with tonnes of problems regarding it.

Got to stop writing, but before that, my last paper will take place on Monday then after that, Im done with school. Bye.


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